How Google’s ‘Mobile-friendly’ effect SEO results ?

Google, the number one search engine announced a new update for their search algorithm. And it will strongly affect mobile search results. After 21 April 2015, Mobile-friendly websites will get the main concern in SEO results. It is a part of Google’s assignment that is continues to make the best search experience for users to find high quality search results which are perfect for their tablets and smart phones. I know the importance of SEO ranking for your website and how it affects your business and sales. So, if your website are not mobile-friendly then you have no time for wasting. Design your website mobile friendly that your website searched more with mobile phones.

What is a big deal with this mobile friendly update from Google ?

At first look, this update doesn’t look like a big deal. Because the new algorithm that Google announced only impacts Google mobile searches, not desktop. But you consider the fact that more than 50% searches on Google are executed by mobile phone. We also used our mobile phone for searches anything on Google, We don’t use desktop for searches things on Google. It means a mobile friendly website is our necessity to get the better ranking in SEO. There is some facts that effected the SEO results.

Some facts about Google Mobile Friendly update are

  1. This update starts applying after 21 April 2015 and covered all sites in few weeks.
  2. It will give strong support mobile friendly pages in results of mobile searches. It will affect only mobile searches not the desktop. But mobile means smart phone not tablets.
  3. If your web pages that not support the searches on mobile can and will fall down from higher rankings in favor of mobile-friendly web pages. And these non-mobile friendly pages give negative effect to your SEO results.
  4. Non mobile-friendly website and web pages will not be affected in desktop searches, so there is no need to make renovate entire website for one mobile friendly website. Design your website as it get better ranking in both mobile phone searches.
  5. Google’s mobile friendly algorithm will give their impact on all languages, worldwide. Google judge each page either mobile-friendly or not. There is no in-between.
  6. Google recommend design your website as it response above all other mobile-friendly options. And it minimizes the risk of errors.
  7. You can build a reputation for quality content on their own, apart from their desktop equivalent through mobile-friendly pages. And these pages show a “Mobile-friendly” label in mobile search results.
  8. The most important effect is speed is not a factor, but it gives the nice results in future.
  9. And it gets its nick-name as “Mobilegeddon.”

Create Responsive Design

If you want that your website, your business is not affected by Google’s mobile friendly update then the best way to get assure for a mobile-friendly website is with a responsive design. It adjusts to fit any screen size, whether it is the screen of desktop, laptop or smart phones. After creating responsive design you have to consider about the elements like images, menu and button that can be balanced down and rearranged to create the best experience for mobile users. And you are ready with fresh look for Google’s new update.

Ready to get top ranking in SEO results

Changes are the rule of nature and in practical life everyone needs changes to end of dullness. And Google do same. The new update of Google’s mobile friendly give a new and fresh trend to our websites and business too. So follow this new update and get the better ranking in SEO results.

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